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Stop Federal Tax Offsets by Calling Us Now

Stop Tax Offsets | Atlanta Student Loan Consultants

Defaulting on your Federal student loans can have very severe consequences such as Federal tax offsets. A Federal Tax Offset is a procedure by which the US Department of Treasury seizes your income tax return and defers it to the US Department of Education to be used for payment of your defaulted Federal student loans.

How Can I Stop Tax Offsets?

By calling one of our experienced consultants, we can help you organize your Federal student loan payments and create a unique repayment plan that will suit your needs and help to deter any Federal or State Tax Offsets that may occur due to your delinquent student loans.

What Other Government Benefits can be seized?

  • Federal Travel Reimbursements
  • Social Security Payments
  • Federal Tax Refunds
  • State Tax Refunds (In some cases.)

All of these payments are subject to garnishment if you are more than 270 days, or 9 months, behind on your student loan payments! 

Our student loan consultants at The Student Consulting Group have a 98.75%(2) success rate when it comes to handling defaulted student loans. It will only take a few minutes and a phone call to one of our agents to get started. We have helped over 26,000 Federal Student Loan borrowers(1) with their student loan debt, let us help you today!

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